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36th Annual NTAEE Energy Conference

36th Annual NTAEE Energy Conference


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NTAEE offers scholarship to students pursuing an education in the energy arena.  Students active in, or entering into, a post-secondary education program focused in energy engineering, energy management or energy technology-related fields at accredited colleges, universities and technical schools are invited to apply. Click HERE for the application package; deadline is March 31st.



2018 Scholarship Recipients

NTAEE would like to thank our members and corporate sponsors for contributions. $18,000 was raised

Award ceremony was held on July 19 at NTAEE meeting

  • Hamza Hasham  attends University of North Texas, BS in Mechanical & Energy Engineering

  • Wesley Jones  attends University of Arkansas, BS in Biological Engineering

  • Ryan Brumfield attends Prairie View A&M University, BS in Civil Engineering

  • Karis Thomas attends Howard University, BS in Psychology with minor in African American Studies

  • Umberto Ciri attends University of Texas in Dallas, PHD in Mechanical Engineering                                                                                                  

2017 Scholarship recipients 

NTAEE would like to thank sponsors.  $13000 was raised​​

Award ceremony was on June 15th at Arlington Hall at Lee Park

  • Wesley Jones:  Sophomore, University of Arkansas

  • Russell Curlee: Junior, Texas Tech University

  • Joseph McMahan: Freshman, Texas A&M University

  • Luis Ramirez: Freshman, El Centro Community College

  • Ryan Brumfield: Freshman, University of Texas at Arlington

  • Mwangala Liywalii: Sophomore, El Centro Community College

  • Ali Nikparto: Graduate Student at Texas A&M University

  • Parker Walvoord: Junior, University of North Texas