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NTAEE Chapter award:

Through our Awards Programs, NTAEE shines the light on the important work that is being done in energy by individuals, organizations, agencies, and corporations. By identifying those who exemplify the very best in their fields, energy professionals are honored and the industry is advanced. Recognition of excellence by one's peers and other professionals in the energy industry is the purpose of this program from the North Texas Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers. WHO IS ELIGIBLE NTAEE Awards are presented to energy professionals who have achieved local prominence in their fields. Candidates for awards are not required to be NTAEE members, but must be nominated by an NTAEE member in good standing.

BEHIND THE AEE AWARDS Through its Awards Program, NTAEE recognize achievers in the fields we serve. Winners are formally saluted at the annual NTAEE Christmas Party in December and receive distinctive plaques commemorating their achievements.

INVITATION TO SUBMIT ENTRIES Entries are invited in any of the categories in the awards program. As many categories as desired may be entered.

GENERAL CRITERIA Each award addresses a unique area and submittals should describe nominee's proficiency in that category. The nomination of an individual should include a description of the nominee's work in the field, including short but descriptive summary(s) of specific projects or programs (s)he has worked on including innovative projects, substantiated savings, etc. Because the awards are based on installed and successful projects and programs, future plans and goals are not considered. The nomination of a project should include a description of the type of project, equipment installed, operating results, substantiated savings (cost savings and energy savings), financial data, or special features. Projects are eligible for
nomination only after they have been in operation for at least six months and can be substantiated with actual installation costs and operating savings. Because awards are based on installed and successful projects, future plans and goals are not considered. Nominators are required to verify the accuracy of the information provided in the nominations they submit. Nominees may also be required to confirm their information.

DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS Nominations for the North Texas Association of Energy Engineers (NTAEE) Chapter Awards are accepted through October 31st of each year.  pleasea click   here   for an application form to submit.


AEE award:

 AEE shines light on outstanding work in energy done by individuals, organizations, agencies, and corporations. Participants are invited to submit application in any of the categories within international and regional award programs.  AEE and its divisions recognize the winners in special award ceremonies. 

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you should participate in this year's competition:

  • Do you know an energy professional whose work deserves recognition?

  • Have you seen the results of an outstanding energy project?

  • Has a company, an agency, organization, or institution impressed you with its highly successful energy management plan?

  • Have you read an article in an issue of this year's AEE journals that you consider outstanding and worth of recognition?

We encourage you to nominate individuals, organizations, agencies, corporations, or institutions that are doing outstanding work in energy for this year's awards. 

Regional award program and its categories are described at:

International award program and its categories are described at

For general information about Award program, process and deadlines, please click here.

​*Please note: Nominations for the NTAEE chapter awards are open from January through October of each year.  You may send your nominations to NTAEE award committee  [email protected].  Applications are screened then submitted to AEE awards committee no later than mid-February of the following year. Late Nominations cannot be accepted. 

2020 AEE Awards:

Congratulations to the following winners :



            National Best Chapter website award - NTAEE 

Parvin Stiles, Webmaster 

 website was launched in 2019; Congralutions to our webmaster, Parvin Stiles 

Acceptance Video at AEE Chapter Leadership & Recognition Awards ceremony on November 12, 2020




 Energy Engineer of the Year – Congratulations to Brian Birch    

Acceptance Video at AEE Regional Awards Ceremony on November 18, 2020


Energy Innovator of the Year – Congratulations to Juan Griego 

Acceptance Video at AEE Regional Awards ceremony on November 18, 2020


2019 AEE Awards:

  International Institutional Energy Management - Lewisville Independent School District

  Regional Corporate Energy Management – Aramark

  Regional Energy Professional Development – Brian Birch

 Chapter Energy Project of the Year – DFW Airport Ramp LED Lighting Retrofit

  Chapter Energy Engineer of the year – Brian Birch

 Chapter Energy Manager of the year – Jeremy Nelson

 Chapter Young Energy Professional of the year – Nonso Agolue

 Chapter Energy Innovator of the year – Anthony Scaparra


2018 AEE  IV Regional Award:

Congratulations to Jeremy Nelson with Aramark, the recipient of  Region IV Young Energy Professional of the Year.

2017 AEE - IV Regional Awards

Congratulations to the City of Dallas Fire Station 27,  a recipient of Innovative Energy Project of the year in AEE region IV.  Johnnie Brumfield accepted the award on the behalf of city of Dallas Fire Station 27.