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36th Annual NTAEE Energy Conference

36th Annual NTAEE Energy Conference


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Through the award programs, AEE shines light on outstanding work in energy done by individuals, organizations, agencies, and corporations. Participants are invited to submit application in any of the categories within international and regional award programs.  AEE and its divisions recognize the winners in special award ceremonies. 

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you should participate in this year's competition:

  • Do you know an energy professional whose work deserves recognition?

  • Have you seen the results of an outstanding energy project?

  • Has a company, an agency, organization, or institution impressed you with its highly successful energy management plan?

  • Have you read an article in an issue of this year's AEE journals that you consider outstanding and worth of recognition?

We encourage you to nominate individuals, organizations, agencies, corporations, or institutions that are doing outstanding work in energy for this year's awards. 

Regional award program and its categories are described at:

International award program and its categories are described at

For general information about Award program, process and deadlines, please click here.

​*Please note: Nominations for the NTAEE chapter awards are open from January through October of each year.  You may send your nominations to NTAEE award committee  Applications are screened then submitted to AEE awards committee no later than mid-February of the following year. Late Nominations cannot be accepted. 


2018 - IV Regional Awards

Congratulations to Jeremy Nelson with Aramark, the recipient of  Region IV Young Energy Professional of the Year.

2017 - IV Regional Awards

Congratulations to the City of Dallas Fire Station 27,  a recipient of Innovative Energy Project of the year in AEE region IV.  Johnnie Brumfield accepted the award on the behalf of city of Dallas Fire Station 27.