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Oct 15

38th Annual NTAEE Energy Conference


7:30AM to 4PM

Upcoming Events

Apr 15

April Webinar Meeting

Sustainability Programs Targeting Operational Efficiency Improvements


Apr 15

TIEEN Virtual Energy Webinar

Turn Energy Efficiency Into Cash Savings

Apr 20

AEE Virtual Conference

Energy Efficiency for Transformative Solutions April 20-21, 2021


Hall of Fame

The following are members of NTAEE Hall of Fame

Mr. Guy Chamberlain

Mr. Larry Helpert

Mr. Rusty Hodapp

Mr. Chuck Maxwell

Mr. Jim Phillips

Mr. Mike Quimbey

Mr. Dick Turney

Mr. Bob Timberlake

These individuals were recognized for being among the founding members of NTAEE and for their decades of support to the organization and the energy industry.

NTAEE continues to grow and contribute to the betterment of our region. The current success of NTAEE can be traced directly back to these individuals that have selflessly given throughout the years.

This distinguished group was inaugurated in 2014 and are entitled to a lifelong free full membership to NTAEE and all the privileges that it entails.

Congratulations to the inaugural members of the NTAEE Hall of Fame!

Requirements, Nomination Process, and Benefits

The requirements, processes, and benefits described below are meant to serve as a guideline for establishing and administering the NTAEE Hall of Fame Award. Any of the individual requirements for eligibility or nomination can be waived by a two-thirds vote of the NTAEE Board.

Nomination Form

Requirements for Eligibility:

  1. The individual must have served as an officer or board member of NTAEE. 

  2. The individual must have been a Full Member of NTAEE for at least ten (10) years.

  3. The individual must have worked in the energy industry for at least twenty (20) years.

  4. The individual must hold or have held at least one certification from the AEE.

Nomination Process:

  1. The individual must be nominated by an NTAEE Full Member.

  2. The nomination will be submitted to an Awards Committee made up of the Awards Committee Chair and all active NTAEE Past-Presidents.

  3. Nominations will take place in the annual AEE and NTAEE awards cycle and be limited to two (2) NTAEE HOF awards per year.

  4. The nominations are to be emailed to the Awards Chair at [email protected].

Award Presentation and Benefits: 

  1. HOF inductees will be recognized and receive their award during the Chapter’s annual Christmas (Holiday) Party

  2. HOF members will be listed on the Chapter’s HOF webpage

  3. HOF members will receive a lifetime Full Member status to NTAEE at no cost.

Revocation of HOF Award and Benefits: 

  1. HOF award and benefits can be revoked by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Board.