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NTAEE 2018 Year End Newsletter Print

President's Report

want to thank all of you for making 2018 a fantastic year for the North Texas Association of Energy Engineers.  At the beginning of the year we set out to create an environment for our members to consider questions affecting the energy industry, to serve our community and to provide educational and scholarship opportunities to students seeking a career in our industry.  Through your participation in NTAEE we have met those goals.

Our monthly meetings have provided many thought-provoking topics.   We had several of our members provide brief presentations where they used available technologies or ingenuity to positively impact energy conservation or reduce operating costs for buildings.  We had a panel discussion on controls, building automation and the Internet of Things.  We learned about the Evolution of Window Film Technology and how to conserve water and energy in central plants. 

In September we were honored to be joined by a panel of NTAEE Past Presidents.  They enlightened us on what they have seen change within our industry during their careers.  They also provided encouragement as to how NTAEE has impacted the industry and their personal careers.  They encouraged us each to be involved and serve.  If you are not already involved in our organization, I encourage you to consider serving on a committee this year.  You will find it rewarding!  This is the easiest way to serve without the full commitment of being an officer or board member. 

This year we hosted our 35th Annual Energy Conference at Lone Star Park.  We had a lineup of fantastic speakers including Dub Taylor, the Director of SECO and Bill Magness, the President and CEO of ERCOT.  Thanks to all the speakers, sponsors and exhibitors for making this a very successful Energy Conference.  If you did not attend, you missed out.  I encourage you to plan to attend the conference next year.

Our Community Service Committee provided two free energy audits this year.  The first was for the Community Food Bank in Fort Worth.  The second was for the Children’s Advocacy Center of Collin County (CACCC) in Plano.  We had a great turn out of volunteers to perform the onsite survey and to help develop the reports for both sites.  Both audits provided actionable energy conservation measures that could provide a positive reduction in energy usage that would allow the organizations to redirect the savings to help focus on serving those who rely on their organizations.

Did you know that NTAEE sponsors two local student chapters?  Our chapter provides guidance, funds and some speakers to the chapter at the University of North Texas and to the chapter at Dallas County Community College District.  Let our Student Chapter Committee Chairman know if you are interested in speaking at one of their meetings. 

This year we were able to award $18,000 in student scholarships to students who are or will be pursuing education in the energy field.  Our annual scholarship fund has traditionally been funded from the proceeds of the Annual Energy Conference and sponsor donations.  Thanks to you we will be able to continue to award significant scholarships once again in 2019.  If you know a deserving student, please make them aware of this scholarship opportunity.  Keep a look out for the posting of the application process early this spring.

Thank you to our 2018 officers, board members, committee chairs, and committee members for all the hard work and countless hours you gave to our organization.  I appreciate you greatly.  Thank you to our members for making it a pleasure serving this year.  Valerie and her team will do a fantastic job leading our organization as they make 2019 another great year for NTAEE.

Wishing you a Happy and Blessed New Year!

Jim Shadley, CEM

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2018 Christmas Party

This year’s Christmas Party meeting was well attended.  We gathered at the Pappadeaux Restaurant on Oak Lawn.  The evening was filled with good conversation, great food and many laughs.  Larry Helpert was officially inducted into the NTAEE Hall of Fame.  Congratulations and thank you to Larry for you all you have done and continue to do for our organization!  The leadership reins were transferred to the 2019 team as the newly elected leaders who attended the party were officially sworn in.  Many white elephant gifts were exchanged and stolen.  All who attended enjoyed a fun filled evening of Christmas cheer and fellowship.

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Community Service

On September 14, 2018 NTAEE performed our second free energy audit of the year for the Children’s Advocacy Center of Collin County.  The audit was led by NTAEE’s Community Services Chair Kevin Wolfe with help from nine volunteers from NTAEE.  The team found a diverse opportunity for energy savings through potential upgrades which included Lighting, HVAC, Building Envelope, Plug Load, and Water Conservation measures.  An Energy Use Analysis report was delivered to the Advocacy Center in early December.  The Children’s Advocacy Center was extremely pleased with the report and mentioned they were going to look into implementing some of the energy savings measures that were proposed in the report. 

If you, or an organization you know, are interested in obtaining an energy audit for a non-profit facility contact us at [email protected]

We are looking for volunteers with subject matter experts in Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Controls.  You do not have to be a subject matter expert to help.  All NTAEE members/students are welcomed and encouraged to participate.

Kevin Wolfe, CEM, LC
Community Services Chair

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Introducing our new Website Design!

One might wonder why change a beautiful looking and content fulfilling website; As hard as it seems, there are reasons. The old design required a web developer to update it monthly; Bud Leavell, my predecessor maintained it for years then me for the past 3 years.  Another problem was poor and clumsy communication. Jim Phillips, our membership chairman was using 2 different tools, Evite and EventBrite to invite and register for monthly meetings and energy conferences.  He was the only person with access to our mailing list. For these basic reasons and get more capable to make it to the next level and grow, the board agreed to switch service provider that offers a tool designed specifically to meet the needs of  an organization with members; a tool that is easy to use to communicate between board members, members, and the general public using newsletter, blogging, email, and calendar features; one that streamlines the operational tasks of running a chapter and puts the board in control with a variety of management reports.

With this tool, you will be able to register for meetings, invite guests, have options to pay online immediately, or if you so choose pay later by check or cash at the door. For convenience, we have chosen the secured Paypal gateway. The way it is setup, you do NOT need to have a PayPal account to pay by credit card here.

The new website may look and feel different, it has the many useful content we had before but arranged in a new format for your quick and easy access. I have to say a few words about images. The 4 slider images on top are 2 of Dallas and 2 of Fort Worth. In case you wonder, the angel with a horn is Ft Worth Opera House. And finally, the background image of a wind farm and the cattle, that can be seen on desktop computers, what better way to showcase energy generation in our beautiful and great state of Texas.

Enjoy a tour of our new website.  Register for 2019 year in case you haven’t and contact me for your questions. Wishing you and loved one’s good health, happiness and prosperity. Happy New Year!

Parvin Stiles.P.E.
NTAEE webmaster

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2019 Officers and Board Members

The following are the Officers and Board members for 2019:

President                           Valerie Shoup
Vice President                   Jeremy Nelson
Treasurer                           Anthony Scaparra
Secretary                           Johnnie Brumfield
Past President                   Jim Shadley
Board Member                   Parvin Stiles
Board Member                   Kevin Wolfe
Board Member                   Brian Birch
Board Member                   Nonso Aguolue
Board Member                   Lissa Magel
Board Member                   Tim Frank

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