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38th Energy Conference 2021


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Energy cost reduction technology is a part of every engineer's and manager's job. A survey of AEE members indicated 60% of those surveyed have slashed annual operating costs more than $1 million.

NTAEE assists you in your efforts to stay abreast of the latest technologies in our ever changing profession. An AEE survey indicated that 59% of the membership are receiving higher visibility and pay within their companies because of AEE certifications.

You will expand your knowledge through  AEE Publications, AEE Conferences, AEE Certifications, AEE Scholarships, NTAEE Newsletter, NTAEE Seminars, NTAEE Monthly Meetings, NTAEE CEM Classes, NTAEE Scholarships.

 NTAEE holds an annual energy seminars  for area professionals. We have sponsored successful cogeneration, CFC, utility deregulation, and dozens of energy management seminars. Proceeds from these seminars are used to promote our educational focus by funding scholarships. Both NTAEE and AEE International award scholarships to deserving students majoring in energy related courses.